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Bremas/Vemer are no longer able to supply components for switches.
We have now run out of stock and so cannot build switches.
We will email copies of switching schemes we recognise
and are happy to recommend alternative manufacturers.

Meet the Family

 12 Amp Switch

Bremas Components Stocked:

- Ratings and Dimensions: 12,20 & 32 Amps
- Various Operator knob sizes
- Legend Plates 52 to 105mm
- Padlockable Red/Yellow
- Lid/Door or Base Mounting

- and most others (please ask)

- Two to Twelve
- Semi-Rotary or Rotary
- Angles 30, 45, 60, 90 degree

- Maximum of 24 in 12 layers

- Screw Clamp
- Faston (0.25inch Push-on)

20 Amp Switch

32 Amp Switch

Standard Switching Schemes

Control Switching
- Off/On
- Changeover
- Step Changeover

Motor Switching
- Reversing
- Pole Changing
- Star/Delta

- etc. Too many to list

Typical Bremas Reference Numbers

Reference Number 

Switch Current

Switching Information


A1200 12 Amp Not Given Not Given
A2000 20 Amp Not Given Not Given
A3200 32 Amp Not Given Not Given
A1203 12 Amp 3 Pole Off/On Not Given
A2004/RM5 20 Amp 4 Pole Off/On RM5 Knob
SCH4282 Not Given Star/Delta 1 Aux at Off Dependent on Current
CSO160457PL52 16 Amp Scheme 0457 PL52
CQR 258288 25 Amp Scheme 8288 Dependent on Current
CM33 Not Given 3 Pole, 3 Position, Changeover Not Given

To Fully identify a Switch we need the Current, Switching Information and Presentation

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