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 Railway Trackside & Signalling Components

We have redesigned the reminder devices, both to reduce their environmental impact and to replace the sticky black magnetic tape.

We now 3D print devices using PLA plastic, which is a biodegradable plastic made from corn starch or sugarcane. 3D printing vastly reduces plastic waste caused when devices are machined or cut from solid material. PLA plastic is biodegradable, but don’t worry it is still strong, for it to degrade it needs heat and moisture. 3D printing also gets rid of most of any Minimum Order Quantities because all the work can be done ‘in-house’.

For devices that need to be magnetic we have replaced the black sticky magnetic tape and have instead embedded strong neodymium magnets within the devices. Again this reduces waste as we don’t have to cut shapes from the black tape. We can make the magnets as strong as required by increasing or reducing the number of embedded magnets.
The magnets aren’t just stuck in the bottom of the device, they are embedded inside it, so we don’t rely on glue to keep them in place.